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Mr Ahmed Abdelrazek, Chairman
MrAlmir Ribeiro, Treasurer
Ms Deirdre Hyde, Honorary Secretary
Mrs Genny Haynes
Mr Anthony Mountney

The Chairman,Mr Ahmed Abdelrazek, was very pleased to announce that this morning the Steering Committee had finalized the Notarisation of HARC through the Swiss Embassy and HARC was now a legal body registered in Switzerland.

The Secretary Deirdre Hyde, introduced HARC Administrator/secretary Ms Leigh Young. She then welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Evie Tubbs Sweeney who joined via skype from Scottsdale in the USA. Deirdre reported that member countries are now: Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.
Several other countries which have expressed an interest in joining are: Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Iran, Bahrain and Libya. These would be followed up in due course.

Apologies for absence received from Mr Okan Ezeran fromTurkey

1) Minutes of the inaugural meeting held on 28th February 2015 were approved.

2) The name of ‘Heritage Arabian Racing Club’ (HARC) was approved.

3) The Constitution was approved.

4) Steering Committee - it was agreed that last year's Steering Committee should remain as the Management Committee for the following year, when elections should be held.

5) Expenditure Report
This was minimal to date as H.H. Sheikh Sultan has borne all the running costs.
H.H. had offered sponsorship of US$25,000 per founding member country to be used as best suited their situation following approval by the Steering Committee. $200,000 had been given to Brazil, Tunisia, Russia, UK, Australia, USA Egypt and Belgium.

6) Auditor
It was agreed that we would delay appointment of an auditor as there seems little need at this time.

7) Membership and Membership Fees:
There will be two types of membership
Full Membership by country where each country will pay an annual fee to help cover administration costs of HARC. In addition a fee should be charged by the organizing country for horses to register to run in HARC races. It was suggested 50% of normal registration would be retained by the country and 50% for HARC. This would include the ’checking’ fee for inclusion on the HARC approved horse database. ) Note: All horses running in HARC races should be approved by HARC Management through the member country in order to maintain and build up a database of such horses and their race records.
Associate Members – individuals who would like to support HARC activities and be entitled to register their horses with HARC if they are in a country without HARC membership.
The Management Committee to determine the levels of fees as soon as possible.

8) Member Countries reports and plans were received from USA, UK, Russia, Poland, Morocco, Australia, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Brazil & Belgium and will be available in the full minutes.

9) Exclusion of Horses. A discussion took place on exclusion of additional horses following certain Swedish horses refusing to race in a HARC race that involved horses, which were consistently faster than their rivals. The Swedish Delegate pointed out that the horses in question were also rated much higher than normal HARC horses.
Various delegates presented their views and all agreed that care must be taken not to have a witch hunt against a particular bloodline, however in line with the constitution and original exclusion method any horse or family group could be put onto a pending acceptance list whilst the records were examined. The delegates felt very strongly the need to protect the approved horses, especially at this early stage of HARC. The Chairman said we need to identify the potential problem horses and how we deal with them. This is our responsibility, and we need to research the facts and present them at the next AGM which could then make a decision. In the meantime any such horses should be put pending whilst The Management Committee prepares a proper study.

10) A proposal to include horses with a percentage of excluded blood was considered but dismissed as unlikely to be workable.

Any Other Business
1) The Facebook page had been running since the summer. Thanks to Sharon Meyers and Elena Werdenberg for starting the page which has over 600 followers The Website should be ready in a few weeks, it will be an important step in the Membership drive. The site name is harchorses.com
2) The Secretary reminded members that the HARC Message must be that we are an added benefit to racing and we have no intention of pushing out any other racing. We just request space to race our type of horses and if we are successful all of racing will benefit.

The meeting was brought to a close with Deirdre Hyde thanking His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, members and friends for their continued valuable support.

Press Release

• 2016-02-18 • HARC and NARA Festival


Press Release

• 2016-02-14 • HippoNews n°439/03-16



• 2016-02-01 • HARC AGM

February 21st 2016 - HARC AGM & Conference - Abu Dhabi

Press Release

• 2015-12-14 • RG KALIF - SET A NEW RECORD

The most competitive racing until today at the Hippodrome Paulistano , had an incredible battle with three horses at the finish line and for the second time the Victory went to RG Kalif, Mars Samuray HEC was at the second place and Mahogany HVP at the third place.
It was undoubtedly a thrilling finish only decided at the final meters, with the new record of the Arabian Racing in Brazil with 1:50:676 for the distance of 1.600m on the grass of Sao Paulo Jockey Club. RG Kalif is a 3 years old Colt, son of Pamir in Campanha CSM (*Eksport X * Klonica by Palas I), and was led by the “ Queen Of Arabian Horses “ Jeane Alves and trained by Estanislaw Petrochinski. it is also important to emphasize that this was the 5th following victory of the Breeder Claudio Ribas from Parana State who is also the owner of the Horse.

The prize of R $ 15,000.00, was proudly sponsored by HARC (Heritage Arabian Racing Club), and also have at 4th Place and Tufiq at 5th place.

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