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Sponsorship of HARC

Unmissable Global Sponsorship Opportunities

Help us Preserve the Arabian Heritage

The story of the Arabian horse is thousands of years old, filled with poetry, art, and romantic legends. It is a tale that embraces grand historical figures, from prophets to pashas, to kings, queens, and presidents, reaching across diverse civilizations on five continents. From the days of gallant desert warriors to the age of information, the superior qualities of the Arabian have ensured that it has been carefully preserved as the world’s oldest equine breed.

Source: Arabian Horse World

This presentation is endorsed by His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan our Founder and Patron and generous sponsor.

What is Heritage Arabian Racing Club?

Today's global Arabian racing industry has attained new heights of popularity and success, but it involves a very small section of the Arabian horse population. HARC represents a significant opportunity not only to help grow Arabian racing as a whole by attracting new enthusiasts passionate about the classic Arabian horse, but also to encourage breeders to preserve the widest possible gene pool for future generations.

Founded by His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan in February 2015, the primary purpose of Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC) is to:

Support and promote racing of purebred Arabians of Heritage bloodlines

Ensure the long-term future of the classic characteristics of the Arabian horse
• Beauty
• Athleticism
• Soundness
• Versatility
• Speed.

HARC Objectives


• Encourage owners and breeders of ‘Heritage’ Arabians to join the grass roots of our sport

• Obtain sponsorship for HARC member races

• Broaden the base of Arabian racing world wide

• Provide a support forum for breeders

• Encourage the preservation of valuable bloodlines and genetic diversity

• Offer education and mentoring programmes.

The word is out….. HARC IS A WINNER!

Since HARC’s inception it has exceeded all expectations and in 2017 we have 19 Supporting and Participating Countries;

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, UAE, USA

Latest members:

Iran, Italy, Spain, Romania, Uruguay

Countries currently wishing to participate include;

Argentina, Chile, Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan

HARC Global Events 2016

The following are a selection of our global activities in 2016;

Brazil – April 2016 (left)
Blues Master Rach won the opening race of the 2016 Arabian Racing in Brazil

Sweden - July 2016
HARC filly Pamills Lipse won the feature race the DIAR International at the new Swedish racetrack Bro Park.

UK  - September 2016 - Heritage Arabian Racing Club Stakes, Chelmsford
The Arabian Racing Organisation’s first ever race solely for HARC approved horses was run as the penultimate race at Chelmsford at the ARO Season Finale.

Belgium - October 2016 - Hippodrome Wallonie (Ghlin)
Heritage European Championship - 2100m, 3y+, 20000EUR
The European Championship for Heritage horses took place with participation from England, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Russia and Benelux.

Australia – November 2016
HARC’s  racing season began on the day of the Melbourne Cup and was enjoyed by large crowds.

What HARC can offer you

We work together with our sponsors to promote and maintain the heritage of the pure Arabian horse, through racing, whilst providing a suitable platform for their brand to receive maximum exposure and promotional benefits.

HARC has an expanding  worldwide network of races and events with currently 19 member countries. Sponsors can reach a wide and varied audience.

Our aim is that each package is tailor made to suit our sponsors needs.

HARC sponsorship opportunities

Platinum Sponsor – Title sponsor for 2017/2018 season all races and events

Gold Sponsor – Sponsor of 2018 Annual Conference, Abu Dhabi, or Global events.

Silver Sponsor –Sponsor of a complete Race Meeting or Race Series
Bronze Sponsor - individual HARC races worldwide

General Sponsorship benefits include but are not limited to;

• Logo and branding at HARC events and races worldwide

• Logo on all promotional items including, literature, e-blasts, newsletters, flags and banners

• Company profile, logo and hyperlink on HARC website (averaging 35,000 hits per month)

• Advertising banner on our website

• Company logo on our Media partnership website e-blasts

• Posts on HARC social media platforms Facebook etc

• Logo on HARC merchandising:   jackets, caps, polo shirts, winners rugs, bibs, saddle cloths and trophies

• Logo presence at HARC conferences, international road shows & futurity events

Tailor-made Packages Right for You


As a Platinum Sponsor you will be the main title sponsor at all HARC Race Meetings and Events with maximum exposure in  nineteen countries around the world and growing.  Through your investment, you will be supporting the good work of preserving the heritage of the Arabian horse through racing, and reaching the whole HARC Community. You will also share the spotlight of all the positive media attention HARC continues to receive:


Your business will hold the naming rights in partnership with HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and HARC at all our race meetings or events held in member countries. Your company name will feature on our website, printed material, social media and TV where available.
The opportunity to have a dedicated entertainment box at race meetings to invite your guests and promote your business. VIP seating can also be arranged.

Logo branding on all published material and merchandise worldwide



Looking to sponsor a special event to promote your business and the Heritage of the Arabian Horse? Then this gold package is for you, as it allows you to receive worldwide exposure for your brand across all our race meetings at minimal costs, by supporting our annual Conference or one of our educational events.  In return for your investment your brand will receive a variety of opportunities to promote your product and services. 

This package allows you to be a sponsor of our Annual Conference in Abu Dhabi or our Global educational events. These are attended by VIPS and keynote speakers within the industry. The event will be named after your brand and all supporting material will advertise your logo. You would be able to make your own presentation to our attending members.
The opportunity to be one on one with our members to promote your business

Please be aware if a Title event sponsor is in place, this option may not be available. 

INVESTMENT IN THE REGION OF  $80,000 – $150,000


This is a good way of focusing your brand exposure across our race meetings and events, whilst also getting your brand advertised on various media outlets.  For your investment, you will become an important supporter in preserving the heritage of the Arabian horse and racing. You will reach a more targeted audience and share in all our positive media attention.

Key Benefits

This package allows you to sponsor a whole race meeting (generally 6 races) in a country of your choice or a series of races throughout the year with an end of season Championship.  For the particular race meeting or races you sponsor, your company name will appear on the website, printed marketing, social media.
The opportunity to invite guests with lunch provided.  VIP seating can also be arranged for your guests.

Please be aware if a Title event sponsor is in place, the feature races are exclusively sponsored by this brand. 

INVESTMENT IN THE REGION OF $50,000 – $100,000 (according to country)


Sponsoring individual races is an inexpensive way to advertise your business.  It is also a great way for local businesses to interact directly with potential clients.  This package offers the opportunity to have a race named after your brand or business. Your team will be invited to attend and present the named trophy.  You will be invited to sit in our VIP seating area if available.  The opportunity to have a stand at the event to advertise your products and services may also be available.
Please be aware if a Title event sponsor is in place, the feature races are exclusively sponsored by this brand. 
Country and Races by negotiation
Investment: from $5,000 – $50,000 (per race depending on country)