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Country News

• 2020-03-09 •

In Belgium, like in several other countries, we continue Heritage racing, despite unfortunately, following the passing of Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed (may his soul rest in peace), there is no financial support to Heritage racing by HARC anymore. All our Heritage races are in fact run together with an “open” race, as Heritage horses are eligible for all races, being WAHO-registered! Nevertheless, we have a separate ranking and separate prize-money in the form of Bonus. The total amount of Bonus per race depends on the number of Heritage starters, but, till 4 participants all horses get a bonus. Above five Heritage starters the total of Bonus climbs over 3.000 euro ...

For the European Championship I really hope to be able to maintain the previous financial level ... to be confirmed later in the season.

Please help us, through your participation to continue this wonderfull idea supported by Sheikh Sultan and a few of his co-workers.
We have three public trainers in Belgium ( all three succesfull TB-trainers ) that have experience with Arabian race-horses and would be enchanted to train and race your Heritage Arabians!
It is only if we can show the enthusiasm for Heritage racing that we can hope for sponsorships!!

More info to be obtained via moirmonay@skynet.be

Country News



Hippodrome Wallonie (Ghlin): Sunday 3rd of November 2019: 17h00

20.000 euro (10.000 - 5.000 – 2.500 – 1.500 – 1.000) 
Race run under BFP-Galop-rules and open to professional, amateur and apprentice jockeys (no weight-allowances given). For Arabian horses of 3 years old and older, registered in a WAHO-accepted stud-book and whose origins comply with the HARC-definition.
3 year olds: 53kg (fillies: -2kg)
4 year olds and over: 59kg (fillies: -2kg)
If no 3-y old fillies are entered (at bottom weight), will the weights be lowered for all!

Highest penalty among: (with max penalty of 5 kg)
3 kg for each win in an “open” race since 1st of January 2019
or 2 kg for each second place in an open race since 1st of January 2019
or 2 kg for each win in a Heritage-only race since 1st of July 2018 (as there is few).
or 1 kg for each second in a Heritage-only race since 1st of July 2017 (idem).

Country News


GHLIN (Hippodrome de Wallonie), on Sunday 3rd of November 2019.

After the two very successful runs of the European HARC Championship in 2016 and 2017, and the unfortunate cancellation in 2018, it is with great pride and motivation, that AHRCB can announce the third run of the European HARC Championship for Heritage horses only.

The idea of HARC, when created by HH Sh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and some co-workers, was to give a chance again to Heritage Arabian horses (i.e. of the old bloodlines) to came back to the tracks. Indeed, some 25 years ago, the tendency of specializing for speed only, hooked part of the Arabian horse community, making use of bloodlines that increased considerably the speed, up to 10 % in one generation, but almost always induced loose of type and versatility. Those breeders that wanted to maintain versatility and a minimum of type in the horses born in their studs, opted for not using these lines and due to this choice, the breeders of Heritage horses had to give up racing as there was no chance to compete with this “race-arabians”. They were thus “robbed” of one of their criteria for athletic aptitude.

To give again access to the track and speed as a means of test and selection, among many other criteria, the Heritage horses (not carrying specific bloodlines in their pedigree) are given a chance to race among their peers …On the long run, speed will thus be reintroduced as one of the criteria for selection in the breeding of authentic Arabian horses, without falling in the other extreme of specializing for extreme type only as in “show-breeding”. 
The Arab of the Bedouins, wasn’t he selected for “beauty, speed and stamina”?

The European HARC Championship will this year be run again in Ghlin (all-weather track, left-hand turn) after the same conditions as the previous years (conditions joined).

Again a Nations Cup will be coupled to the individual ranking of the runners in the race, taking account for this honorific reward ( no prize-money for this !) of the best three (or two, if circumstances oblige) results of each country or group of countries.

The same day we will run the WATHBA STALLIONS CLOSING race, open to all p-b Arabians.

During the same meeting ther is also an “open” race (info moirmonay@skynet.be)


Country News

• 2019-09-12 • Heritage race

A special mention for the Heritage race, kindly sponsored by HARC (Heritage Arabian Racing Club) that we run together with the Wathba Stallions III in Waregem on 7th of September. The fastest Heritage horse: Zafeer K.A. ( by QR Marc ex Zagrobla) was less than 8% slower than the fastest horse of the "open" section, Jamas D.A., who was indeed very fast this race (54.19km/h).

ZAFEER K.A. did the 2120m in 2'29"298/1000 = 51.12kml/h ...

AMMAR IBN ANJALI by Monther al Nasser ex Anjali Aneekha by FS Bengali)  finished second after a serious fight, with a short head in front of ADHAM AL WAAB by Amaar al Rayyan ex RN Dananeer by ansata Halim Shah.  Altogether they were a few seconds slower, with  their speed just under 50km/h. With more experience , they probably will improve a lot.




Country News

• 2019-06-19 • Spanish HARC Championship

One of the important European countries for HARC is Spain, as they have a group of some 30 to 40 HARC horses racing almost every week at the track of Antela (Galicia).

It is important to support this group of Heritage-horses as they are an interesting genetic pool of essentially old Spanish bloodlines. Spain was for a long time isolated from the other European countries as far as racing is concerned and therefor the breed was not influenced (yet) by the modern Arab-race-blood.

The “Spanish HARC Championship” is also the pre-selection for Spanish team to come to the European HARC Championship in Belgium, early November. The race was run on 16th of June, at “Hipodrome de Antela” and had 10 entries , but one non-starter. The distance was covered in 2’08” by the grey JF CARDALI (n° 8) belonging to IAN, trained by I.Gomez and ridden by T.Ruiz.

JL Cardali
JL Cardali

All horses carried the same weight as this was a “selection race” ... reason why the arrival was rather spread out...

The President of the Galician Jockey Club, the organiser of the races in Galicia : Jaime Vazquez and all participants of the Heritage races thank HARC for the support of the Heritage races in Spain.

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