HARC baner
HARC baner


2016-10-31, Hippodrome Wallonie (Ghlin)

The European Heritage Championship (HARC) which took place in Ghlin, Belgium on Monday 31st October, proved to be a truly international event with Sweden taking victory in great style with Pamills Lipse (SE) (Top Flyte - Pamill) owned and trained by Maria Hagman Eriksson and ridden by Anna Pilroth, Sweden also took fifth place with Rugosza (SE) (Gosh - Ruwacha).
However, the Nations Cup was taken by Russia with Sakmogan Tersk (RU) (Maklaud - Stephen), Talyi Sneg (RU) (Gangut - Trata) and Milolika Tersk (RU) (Kai - Marlen) coming 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Championship gaining 9 points in total and was thoroughly deserved having made a huge effort and long journey in order to support the race. 
The Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC) would like to thank all participating countries:- Sweden, Russia, Romania, United Kingdom and Benelux and look forward to even more European countries taking part next year. 
Also many thanks go to Nelly Philippot, President of the Arabian Horse Racing Club of Belgium,  whose invaluable support made this event a huge success.

Results and Nations Cup:

1 Pamills Lipse (SE) PILROTH Anna 2’26”00
2 Sakmagon Tersk MARIEN Jente 3/4L
3 Talyi Sneg VANDE VELDE Zoë 13L
4 Milolika Tersk VERMEERSCH Sarah head
5 Rugosza (SE) KARLSSON Shane 4,5 L
6 Kallista TURNER David 1L 3/4
7 Mr Maximus (SE) DE BARROS Dayverson short neck
8 RM Estelle (SE) ROBALDO Marcos 20L
9 Demona V D TROOST Anna 1L 1/4
10 Port De La Vie SARAIVA Williams 10L
11 HB Ma'isah V D TROOST Toon 9L

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