HARC baner
HARC baner


2019-06-16, Hippodrome of Antela

Spanish HARC Championship
Hippodrome of Antela (Galicia – Spain)
c/o Jaime Vasquez  info@valdemundeteam.com

One of the important European countries for HARC is Spain, as they have a group of some 30 to 40 HARC horses racing almost every week at the track of Antela (Galicia).

It is important to support this group of Heritage-horses as they are an interesting genetic pool of essentially old Spanish bloodlines. Spain was for a long time isolated from the other European countries as far as racing is concerned and therefor the breed was not influenced (yet) by the modern Arab-race-blood.
The “Spanish HARC Championship” is also the pre-selection for Spanish team to come to the European  HARC Championship in Belgium, early November.
The race was run on 16th of June, at “Hipodrome de Antela” and had 10 entries , but one non-starter.

The distance was covered in 2’08” by the grey JF CARDALI (n° 8) belonging to IAN, trained by I.Gomez and ridden by T.Ruiz.

All horses carried the same weight as this was a “selection race” ... reason why the arrival was rather spread out...
The President of the Galician Jockey Club,  the organiser of the races in Galicia : Jaime Vazquez  and all participants of the Heritage races thank HARC for the support of the Heritage races in Spain.






Position Horse Jockey Weight Trainer Stable Prize
JL Cardali T. Ruiz 60kg I. Gomez C. Ian 600€
Retama Cid C. Vilas 60kg I. Gomez C. Ian 400€
AB Bantari A. Mon 60kg A. Mon C.Sasian Coto 250€
Ziry Melhoun R. Silva 60kg O. Iglesias C. Horse Miño 150€
Rejón Cid R. Pérez 60kg F. Fernandez C. Dos Hermanos 100€
Tucho J. Calvo 60kg J. Calvo C. Valente 100€
Sal Alem A. Mariño 60kg A. Mariño C. O neto do Celta
Kefren Y. Atanes 60kg B. Quintas C. Quintas
EM Pipper D. Bra 60kg N. García C. Fermosas Arabians

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