HARC baner
HARC baner


In order to preserve the classic characteristics of the purebred Arabian horse, it has been agreed that a HARC (Heritage Arabian Racing Club) horse is any purebred Arabian registered in any WAHO accepted stud book which does not contain the blood of the following stallions in any generation of its pedigree. Stallions excluded : Amer, Baroud III, Burning Sand, Dragon, St.Laurent and Tiwaiq"

"Other horses may be added if considered necessary after formal agreement by the Club Management Committee and agreement at an AGM. Such horses will remain pending until they are approved".

In forming this definition HARC does not intend to imply the superiority or inferiority of any bloodline and it recognises WAHO as the ultimate registration authority. Rather HARC aims to encourage the racing of all Arabians as part of a selection test as has been carried out traditionally in various countries over centuries to preserve the breeds distinctive characteristics and qualities equally with speed.

When advertising your HARC eligible horse - we encourage you to place the HARC logo on your advert.

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