HARC baner
HARC baner


Thanks to the generosity of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, HARC was immediately able to offer sponsorship to the Founding Members' countries and in 2015 HARC sponsorship was taken for a variety of races and incentives schemes.

In 2016 HARC will be:

  • continuing to offer sponsorship to member countries
  • promoting its aims through education and mentoring programmes.
  • encouraging more countries' participation
  • seeking to bring Arabian breeders back into the fold
  • looking to substantially increase the number of registered HARC horses
  • improve the number of International HARC races
  • taking part in conferences and exhibitions worldwide
  • engaging with International press
  • using 'branding' as part of the marketing mix
  • sourcing sponsors

are proud to work with
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